Cathy Cathy Seilholds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University and is currently working to finish a Master’s Degree in Special Education with an emphasis on special needs children diagnosed with delays and other disorders including autism and ADHD.  Prior to joining the Parenting Cottage, she served as a Case Manager for the Bair Foundation, a state contractor for foster child placement and foster child adoption.  Her achievements at the Bair Foundation included serving as the Case Manager for the Texas Foster Family of the Year in 2009.  Cathy is also a nationally certified car seat safety technician and oversees the car seat education and distribution program at the Parenting Cottage.  A strong advocate for the use of car seats to protect injury to infants and children, Cathy also participates and volunteers on the community level in car seat safety checks and educational programs related to car seat safety.

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