Stork's NestThe Stork’s Nest and the Parenting Cottage are joining together to bring about the best outcomes for Lubbock families and assure every pregnancy includes both a healthy mom and healthy babies.

To date over 100 prenatal classes have been presented with over 1,200 in attendance.  Prenatal moms gave the Parenting Cottage a score of “Excellent” for content and learning from their attendance.

Participants will still need to register with the Stork’s Nest to participate in the program including earning redeemable points for baby items at the Stork’s Nest.

Prenatal Educational Component:

  • Utilization of evidence-based education
  • Utilization of March of Dimes educational materials
  • Utilization of degreed and certified educators and guest speakers on special topics
  • Parents earn points by attending that can be redeemed for baby items at the Stork’s Nest store.


To participate in the Stork’s Nest program –please contact the Stork’s Nest at (806) 743-6667 or go by their offices at 2424 50th St. Suite 302.  Hours: Mon-Wed:  9 AM-2 PM, Thursday 9 AM-1:30 PM – Closed on Fridays.

Classes meet for 7 week sessions on Wednesdays at 11:30 AM.

All classes will take place at the Parenting Cottage, located at 3818 50th Street, Lubbock, Texas 79413  (North side of 50th Street, between Quaker & Memphis).

Stork’s Nest is a national cooperative effort of Zeta Phi Beta and the March of Dimes.  Local efforts are a collaboration of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center- School of Nursing, March of Dimes and the Parenting Cottage.